Road Bike in Riccione

foto-ciclismo-2Riccione and the Romagna you offer wonderful trails for cyclists between coast and hinterland suitable for all fitness levels. Only the province of Rimini has a population of 20 on the road, indicated by appropriate traffic signs, crossing the most beautiful places of Romagna and along the sea.

Some routes for cyclists leave from Riccione to the discovery of fortresses and castles of ancient Malatesta and suggestions, such as the Tour of the three regions that touches three favorable regions for cycling: Romagna, Marche and Tuscany. There are many bikers who stay in our hotels for cyclists and routes that go in easier things like this in the countryside starting from Riccione, through the steep slopes of the Apennines, reaching up to the hinterland, ending again on the Adriatic coast.

road2Other trails are softer, suitable for less experienced cyclist, but retain the same spirit, challenge themselves, and grind kilometer ride, know and observe territories, beauty and unique landscapes that will remain in our hearts. An example? Around the Montefeltro, who Riccione touches the main city of the Land of Montefeltro.

You too can discover the fabulous bicycle routes that you reserve this land of sporting heart. Come ride with Riccione Bike Hotels!

What we offer to the road biker