The best gravel routes in Riccione

The passion for cycling has always guided us in our work. We love welcoming cyclists from all over the world to give them the chance to discover a wonderful land and experience unforgettable times on their bikes. Whether it’s a racing bike ride or a gravel bike adventure, excitement abounds here. Just cycle towards our hills and admire the view to be amazed. All you need to do is spend a holiday in our hotels to feel joyous again, and to be pampered by people who know how to take care of cycling enthusiasts

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00 routes found
Difficulty Distance Ascent
Sassofeltrio Moderate 73 km 1130 m
Montescudo Moderate 56 km 720 m
San Leo Difficult 117 km 2000 m
Montefiore Difficult 110 km 1740 m
Montegridolfo Moderate 81 km 1040 m
Saludecio Moderate 69 km 850 m
Urbino Difficult 135 km 2380 m
Valconca Moderate 72 km 790 m
Gradara Difficult 98 km 1550 m
Dirt Roads of Romagna Difficult 155 km 1900 m

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