The best cycle routes in Riccione

Riccione and its surroundings are the ideal place for those who love cycling. Between the coast and the hinterland, there are numerous cycle routes such as the climbs of some world-famous Gran Fondo races, cycle routes between medieval villages, food and wine tours and many others.

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00 routes found
Difficulty Distance Ascent
The mini “Nove colli” Difficult 105 km 1850 mt
Hill climbers’ tour N°2 Difficult 114 km 1550 mt
Tour of the Becchi Moderate 87 km 1100 mt
Boletus mushroom tour (Cippo) Difficult 105 km 1850 mt
To the “altars” of Romagna Easy 61 km 250 mt
Olive oil tour Difficult 90 km 1200 mt
Hill climbers’ tour N°1 Difficult 100 km 1750 mt
Three regions tour (Romagna Marche Tuscany) Difficult 157 km 2000 mt
Le Marche Valleys Moderate 78 km 900 mt
Castles of the Malatesta (From Monte Lauro) Moderate 121 km 1550 mt
Sangiovese wine tour Easy 65 km 600 mt
From the coast to the hills and back Moderate 85 km 900 mt
Montefeltro tour Moderate 135 km 1100 mt
Raffaello tour (Urbino) Moderate 100 km 1200 mt
The road of the hills of Romagna Moderate 101.25 km 1376 mt
Castles of the Malatesta (From Colle Giove) Difficult 125.17 km 2224 mt
Visit Cagliostro (San Leo) Difficult 105 km 1850 mt
The furlo gorge Difficult 151 km 2200 mt
The Grillo Pass Moderate 90 km 800 mt
Panoramic “passion for the sea” Easy 107 km 650 mt

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