Renzo Pesaresi

Renzo Pesaresi

His specialty: Road cycling, Cycling, Triathlon

Experiences / Races: I took part in the Granfondo del Sale, in the Nove Colli, in the Granfondo del Titano, but all cross country competitions need a lot of time to prepare, so now I compete in 50 km circuits which require less time commitment

Km traveled each year: 25.000 km

Languages ​​spoken: German, French, English

Face to face with the guide

  • What qualities should a good guide have?
    Ability to understand the group you’re with and adapt to its needs. Competitiveness is always just around the corner and it must be put aside. The same goes when the group is trained: you cannot go slowly, because the cyclists want to have fun.

    What do you think of Riccione Bike Hotels?
    The idea is a winning one and it exploits a natural feature, this being a terrain which is immersed in mountains and hills, with unique colours and variations.

    What do Riccione cyclists love?
    They love many things, ranging between the landscape to the food, to culture and also the chance of practising sports while the wife has in any case things to do in and out of the hotel.

    What is your style as a cycling guide? Do you enjoy “setting the pace” or do you adjust the pace to suit the skill level of the other tourists who are enjoying the Romagna region and its landscape?
    I must satisfy the group. Differences of 7/8 minutes are normal in a group so I try not to bore or tire anyone too much. I usually take well-trained groups but if I find less trained cyclists, I adapt to them.

    Would you like to tell us of a day out / a track (in Romagna) which you particularly enjoyed (which are different from the ones we already offer)?
    When I decide on a destination I never follow the suggested route, even though I pay attention to the group’s safety and the quality of the roads. I like the hills such as can be found in the Cesena highlands.

    In your opinion, who are the most prepared cyclists? And the nicest?
    Beginners come here for excursions; the more trained come here to prepare competitions and any foreigners practice here because it is too cold where they come from.

    Is there an anecdote or a story of an excursion with guests you would like to share?
    I remember a girl from Hamburg that I guided to Urbino and then to Furlo. A nice and demanding route and she was ok with it. When we reached a bar and I told her we still had 80 km to go she started to cry since she had never engaged in routes which were more than 100 km. She cried and complained on our way back, but on the next day, and in the following years, she overcame every mental obstacle and was ready for anything

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