The trend of the two wheels

One of the trends that rule also here in Italy is the proliferation of a figure, that of the urban cyclist. It will be a growing need to keep an eye on your wallet and one watch, but also a heightened sensitivity to environmental protection, the fact is that hundreds of people use the bike not only for the holidays, or for any leisure and relaxation, but also to get around town and get to jobs, friends and relatives.

The urban cyclist is really the most fashionable in the recent years related to alternative transportation, cheaper, well-being, because it fights a sedentary lifestyle and a less stressful life, since over the scooter, the bike reaches the destination in less time.
While respecting the rules of the road, the bike slips in traffic through alternative routes and cycle paths, so it is forced to stop much less than a motorcycle. Think about it. The rage in our cities the fixed gear bike. What do we mean? Of bikes that have only one relationship, no brakes and no freewheel mechanism. To slow down and brake pedals are used. They spread also assisted pedal bikes and folding ones, ridiculous-looking but very practical.

The problem is that not all Italian cities are yet to catch up with this growing trend. In many cities, the government is realizing cycling and reorganizing the urban areas as much as possible just to allow cyclists to move safely, protecting pedestrians and respecting those who travel by other means.

Even the clothing for the urban biker flair. The Swedish brand of low-cost clothing H & M has created the collection of men’s cycling clothes street savvy citizen, in collaboration withBikes Brick Lane in East London, London brand of bicycles and spare parts of international renown.
Heads organic cotton, recycled cotton and polyester made in compliance with environmental, in tune with those who chose the bicycle as a means of transport, summarizing the focus on style and practicality and functionality of clothing on two wheels.

If you come on holiday in Riccione will make us realize that there is of the utmost attention to the rider. You can spend your summer in Riccione walking with the bike along the bike path that runs along the waterfront, through public gardens and streets of the city in peace.
You can also rent for your family an electric bike and reach all together neighboring tourist resorts such as Rimini, Cattolica and Misano Adriatico. The cycling holidays in Riccione can become, well, a nice alternative to share together.