Facilities for Cyclists in our Hotels

The Riccione Bike Hotels consortium is grounded on a real enthusiasm for cycling. Each one of our hoteliers is first and foremost a cycling expert. He shares his passion for the sport with his guests and knows exactly what they require to ensure a wonderful cycling holiday. 
At every one of our Riccione hotels, you will find a huge range of services designed for someone like yourself: a cycle-tourist who wants to stay in a hotel which understands your needs and fulfils your expectations. 
For this reason, all our Bike Hotels in Riccione correspond to particular standards of accommodation and services. There is no room for improvisation: just a combination of good practice, experience, knowledge, and care and attention. 
Consult our special offers for cyclists and book the holiday which best fits your requirements.

    Each of our Bike Hotels provides a safe room for storing your bike, supplied with all the equipment needed for keeping your cycle in good working order. There are plenty of tools and materials for carrying out minor repairs, maintenance work or cleaning. In addition, we have arrangements with a number of good quality shops and workshops, where you can purchase parts or have professional repairs carried out at reduced rates.
    The changing room is equipped with secure lockers for storing your clothes and benches for getting ready for your excursions. You therefore have the use of a comfortable, practical room where you can put on your technical clothing before your outing, and a place to store it in total safety on your return.

    Every Bike Hotel uses the services of expert professional guides to accompany you on a wide range of excursions. They can supply you with detailed information on the 20 itineraries available in and around the Adriatic Riviera, and assist you in every way during the course of your outing.
    Our laundry service for technical clothing ensures that your cycling outfit will be washed and returned to you in the fastest possible time. You can venture out on any type of excursion, facing even the hardest challenges, with the reassurance that on your return you will have a really efficient service to rely on… and your clothing will come back to you as good as new.
    You can go out on an excursion, enjoy the challenge of a difficult stretch on a dirt track, or travel at an exhilarating speed on the open road. Every day provides a new opportunity for different experiences and adventures. However, your day out is even more enjoyable when you know that on the return from your cycling excursion you can rely on the professional services of experienced personnel. 
All our Bike Hotels can offer you the services of a doctor and a trained masseuse to provide you with expert medical assistance or therapy.
    The restaurant service at Riccione Bike Hotels is carefully designed to meet the requirements of sports enthusiasts. Our menus are both tasty and packed with vitality, from our energy-boosting breakfast to help you face the steep ascents, to the special menus you will find prepared on your return from your trip. Alongside our “menus for champions”, you can also enjoy a selection of delicious dishes in the best Romagna tradition.
    You can make use of the local gyms which have special agreements with our hotels, or swim in Riccione’s Olympic-sized pool. Otherwise, you can attend a variety of events related to the themes of sport and health, or enjoy a range of great activities and entertainment, or indeed evenings dedicated to sampling typical Romagna products

    Each of our hotels offers the services of a BIKE TUTOR, an expert you can turn to for all sorts of help and advice. He can provide you with detailed information about all the cycle routes around the Adriatic Riviera, and supply you with planned routes and maps for every itinerary. In addition, if you are forced to abandon your bike somewhere along the way, we will arrange to collect it for you just as quickly as possible.
    Nothing is left to chance at Riccione Bike Hotels. If you are travelling by plane, or unable to bring your bike with you, then you can hire a bike from us. We can rent you some of the top racing bikes, such as the Eddy Merckx, with its aluminium frame, carbon fork, and latest generation gears. Alternatively, if you wish, you can buy a bike locally on particularly favourable terms. For more information, enquire directly at the reception desk of your hotel.