Tour of Champions


When: Annual Bikes: Racing bikes Where: Misano Adriatico


An itinerary retracing the history of the great champions of motorcycling – another strong passion of the generous land of Romagna. Misano Adriatico, Gradara, Tavullia, Morciano di Romagna, Montescudo and Coriano are the various stages of this itinerary to help participants discover the inland area of Romagna. It’s here that riders like Valentino Rossi and Marco Simoncelli took their first steps in the world of motorcycling, eventually becoming undisputed MotoGP icons. It’s here that you can discover enchanting landscapes and ancient villages, but be prepared to sweat it out; the 70-km-long itinerary, includes a difference in elevation of 1,050 metres.

If you prefer to tackle a more accessible itinerary, choose one of the two intermediate tours available; they’re ideal for a delightful excursion into the inland area of Romagna. Don’t underestimate the difference in elevation and if in any doubt, we recommend a bicycle with pedal assistance.

Tour of Champions

Misano Adriatico (Marco Simoncelli Circuit), Gradara, Tavullia (Valentino Rossi’s Ranch), Morciano di Romagna, Montecolombo, Montescudo, Coriano, Misano di Romagna

Distance: 69.6 km

Difference in elevation: 1,050 m

Tour of the Villages

Coriano, Montescudo, Montecolombo, Morciano di Romagna, Coriano

Distance: 42.8 km

Difference in elevation: 530 m

Tour of the Park

Gradara, Tavullia (Valentino Rossi’s Ranch), Babbucce, Fiorenzuola di Focara, Gradara

Distance: 37.4 km

Difference in elevation: 730 m

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