foto-riccione1Riccione is undeniably the capital of fun of the whole Adriatic coast, not only during the summer when the tourist season reaches the higher level of people’s presence.
From spring to autumn – and with a long list of events that make also her attractive during her “winter break” – the Green Pearl capture in fact the interest of everybody. On its “deep” and equipped beaches the lovers of the bathing life find the best with a big range of specialized services, from restaurants to sport and fun.
With its famous discos and trendy locals it’s also a good destination for the young people who look for an “electrifying” summer, but Riccione is not only discos. Here the fun reigns to 360°.

Not by chance, Riccione is also her “City of the Parks”: aquatic or educational thematic parks with offers contemplated for children and adults. Here was born over twenty years ago, among the first amusement Italian parks, the famous “Aquafan”, what with its 90.000 square meters of surface and 3 kilometres of slides represents the most important aquatic park in Europe.
And whether to say then of “Oltremare” more youth but already as many affirmed, with many didactic runs distributed on the 110.000 square meters devoted to environment and science, with the greatest lagoon of the dolphins in Europe where became famous Ulysses and his ten “friends of show”.
foto-riccione2A beautiful field from 18 holes disseminated among falls, rocks and little ponds, waits for sportsmen to “Indianagolf”, while to whom is searching an electrifying experience is devoted the ring for Go-Kart of new generation.

Riccione is also then the ideal city for the shopping, walking on central and famous Ceccarini Avenue.
As for the historical-cultural aspects the most representative building and went up to the chronicles among the Years’ 30/40 is undoubtedly Villa Mussolini, summer residence of Donna Rachele and the Duce. Survived to an attempt of demolition, it is now protected by the Architectural and Environmental Sovraintendenza.
Interesting also the establishment of the Thermal baths of Riccione, recently renewed in a big park.
More than 20 cycling routes starting from Riccione towards its wonderful countryside.