Ivano Baldaccini

Ivano Baldaccini

His specialty: Road cycling, Cycling, Triathlon

Experiences / Races: I competed for three consecutive years in the Nove Colli since 1987

Km traveled each year: 15.000 km

Languages ​​spoken: German, French

Face to face with the guide

  • What qualities should a good guide have?
    A good guide must be well behaved, available and tolerant, and know the routes and also be flexible with the cyclists.

    What do you think of Riccione Bike Hotels?
    An excellent organisation, an efficient group. The consortium has expert guides for different athletic levels which showcase the territory.

    What do Riccione cyclists love?
    The cuisine of Romagna; in fact, once a week, I take the groups to meet the tourist farms and their typical products.

    What is your style as a cycling guide? Do you enjoy “setting the pace” or do you adjust the pace to suit the skill level of the other tourists who are enjoying the Romagna region and its landscape?
    The guide must set the pace; I usually invent the routes so that they have little to no traffic; obviously it is important to adjust to the cyclists’ needs but I explain that it is important for the speed to be consistent for al.

    Would you like to tell us of a day out / a track (in Romagna) which you particularly enjoyed (which are different from the ones we already offer)?
    San Giovanni in Galilea, a small town below Sogliano al Rubicone. Here, I found a tavern immersed in the green with a lovely view.

    In your opinion, who are the most prepared cyclists? And the nicest?
    The Brazilians enjoy the landscape more, they love to pedal at a slower pace, while Swiss, Belgians and Germans make the extra effort and chew up the kilometres.

    Is there an anecdote or a story of an excursion with guests you would like to share?
    During a tour from Rubicone to Sasso Corvaro, after passing through the town, we headed towards Tavoleto, and we were surprised by a rainstorm and in another town we sought shelter under roofing.  A gentleman came out and invited us in; the wife, very kindly, prepared a lush supper for all of us. These cyclists, who come visit us every year, still remember this lovely experience.

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