Giro d’Italia 2021


When: 12 May 2021 – Cattolica
20 May 2021 – Bagno di Romagna
21 May 2021 – Ravenna
Bikes: Racing bikes


As many as three stages of the 104° Giro d’Italia will pass through Romagna in the month of May. The first one is the Modena-Cattolica stage which will involve the best sprinters of the World Tour competing to be the first to reach the finish line in Cattolica. Then a stage in Bagno di Romagna which will host the arrival of the stage from Siena. This stage is dedicated to Gino Bartali and Alfredo Martini and follows a route of 208 km with many deadly climbs. And as this year is the 700° anniversary of the death of Dante Alighieri, a stage of the Giro d’Italia is dedicated to the Great Poet with the starting point from Ravenna, the city where he is buried.

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