Montefiore Conca

As it suggests its name, Montefiore Conca it’s risen on the valley ploughed by the homonym river of the Montefeltro, in a territory of great beauty between Romagna and Marches. Among the most beautiful suburbs of the Italian hills, this small town of the province of Rimini is characterized by a landscape that makes it unmistakable.

When it appears to the horizon, in fact, Montefiore Conca is “anticipated” by the imposing Fortress that dominates on the inhabited center. Testimony of the Malatestas’ Dominion, this big castle from the square profile is the symbol of the town of Montefiore. Built around 1350, it remained under the Dominion of the Malatestas for over 100 years before to be under the dominion of Guidi, Borgia, Venetian Republic, of the Prince of Macedonia Constantin Commeno (that here died in 1530), Papal State and Cisalpina Republic.

Excellent as a destination place for a bike tour to discover the hinterland of our coast, Montefiore Conca welcomes its visitors with a landscape characterized by hills rich of oil and chestnut trees, a rarity for a territory so next to the sea. From Riccione, in fact, Montefiore Conca is only 20 kilometres far and it is comfortably attainable along bike runs on the hills that make of it a perfect destination for all cyclists on holidays. In this natural place so intact, that also include the protected area of the Onferno Caves, they grow a lot of animals like roes, wild boars and porcupines.

Besides the periods devoted to the chestnut and olive’s feasts, Montefiore Conca offers all the year long a typical cooking particularly savoury, also excellent to refresh you in a break during a bike tour. Prehistoric finds, graves of the iron-age and rests of Roman seats tell about how men always appreciated, since a long time, the particular characteristics of this place that extends him from the 480 meters high of the Auro Mountain to the river Conca Valley.