Montecopiolo Villagrande

Situated along the Valley of Conca River, in the territory of high Montefeltro in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, Montecopiolo represents a real naturalistic and landscape treasure, absolutely to visit. A destination that you cannot miss during a cycling holiday on the Adriatic coast, from which if is less than 50 kilometres far.

At 915 meters high, it is surrounded by the peaks of the mountains Montone (1.108 meters), Palazzolo (1.194), San Marco (1.123) and Roccaccia (1.033). His territory, ploughed by the river Conca and the stream Mazzocco, also includes the Mount of Carpegna, to whose bottom there is the suburb famous for the production of the good ham. Of the ancient history of Montecopiolo, an installation stays near the Castle, where the Province of Pesaro has recently founded an archaeological area place of important excavations. When the archaeologists are presents, some times it is possible to visit the Castle.

From the country of Montecopiolo it is possible to admire beautiful panoramas that space from the near S. Leo and San Marino up to the coast. If in spring, summer and autumn it is the ideal destination of beautiful cycling tours along the many runs for cyclists that surround it, in winter Montecopiolo and the near Villagrande become appreciate skiing places, with 2 ski-lifts and 3,5 kilometres of descent ski-ways. The town center of Montecopiolo is situated in the near tourist place of Villagrande, characterised by a little lake of 7.000 square meters of glacial origin that is narrated it was blessed from St. Francis of Assisi.

Choose the Riccione Bike Hotels as start-point for a beautiful trip in the hinterland of the coast, to know this beautiful little town surrounded by green hills and beautiful natural landscapes. A part of the territory of Montecopiolo is also included in the Regional Park of Sassi Simone and Simoncello, destination of beautiful trips.