Mercatino Conca

Situated in the middle of Conca’s Valley ploughed by the homonym river, Mercatino Conca is a small hilly country of the low Montefeltro, between the provinces of Rimini and those of Pesaro to which it belongs “legally”. With a few more of 1.000 inhabitants, it represents one of the smaller municipalities between Romagna and Marche. Its name remembers the ancient commercial past that today relives in an important weekly market every Friday.

Originally named Pian di Castello, in 1462 it was destroyed from Federico of Montefeltro together with the fortress of the Malatestas that overhung it. While of the ancient fortress they stay only some ruins, the monument the most representative of following reconstruction is the ancient bridge to five arcades that connects the two banks of the river that crosses it. Only 25 km far from Riccione and Cattolica and 7 from the Republic of St. Marin, Mercatino Conca is a perfect destination for a cycle trip.

As in the other places of the Valconca, here you can taste savoured dishes like noodles to the hypocrite or game. About wines, the most common is Sangiovese of Rimini Hills, a young red to combine it with dishes both of meat and fish.

Centre of important fairs, Mercatino Conca welcome every year in the month of August the Fair of Raviolo. Still edged by an intact nature, it has a wooded surface of over 58 hectares in which they detach locust trees, willows, black carpinos, sipped and some white carpinos, rarer. With its 258 meters high, it is the perfect destination for a trip looking for calm and contact with the nature.

In the near surrounds, to visit also the Park of Montegrimano Thermal baths, where there is the Cantoniera Source. Among the nearest places, also Montefiore Conca, where you can entirely visit the castle.