Cattolica, seaside resort in the province of Rimini, on the border between Romagna and Marche, is known since the nineteenth century as the “Queen of the Adriatic”. The happy position of the bay along which it develops and the beach of fine white sand attract every summer thousands of tourists. Three sirens from the fountain of Piazza Primo maggio exert their irresistible call and symbolize the ancient bond with the sea.

The interventions of restoration, in recent years undertaken, have greatly enhanced the tourist vocation of Cattolica. The ancient fishing harbour is now flanked by the beautiful new dock for recreational tourism. The most sensational transformation has affected the former seaside colony of the thirties that now houses the Parco Le Navi, considered patrimony of high cultural value. Inside, the Aquarium of Cattolica with its 50 specimen of sharks.

In spring, the “Queen of the Adriatic” is also titled the “Queen of flowers” with the Flower and ornamental plants show. But it is in summer that the cultural life of Cattolica becomes livelier. From June to September in Piazza Primo Maggio the show of dancing fountains welcomes tourists, with games of light and water in time of a music every night different. The Festivals of Rustida with sargos and the blue fish of the Adriatic, cooked at the time on big barbecues and offered to all, and the Magic Night of Clams, July 30, with tasty recipes and stories of fishers, offer unforgettable flavors and moments. The Windsurf Day and the evocative feast of Our Lady of the Sea, August 26, with the fireworks and the Rustida at the harbour, ideally end the season of tourism.

The beach of Cattolica for 2008 was awarded with the prestigious recognition of blue flag. Splash! You have been warned that it was impossible to resist the call of sirens…