Particularly rich of ancient suburbs and enchanting landscapes, the Montefeltro represents an inexhaustible source of interest for the tourist who wants to visit and know the Adriatic coast hinterland. Far as soon as 46 kilometres and less than a hour by car from Riccione, the suburb of Carpegna waits for the visitors in an uncontaminated natural environment, in the middle of the Apennine between Marche, Tuscany and Romagna and to the borders of the Natural Park of Sasso Simone and Simoncello.

Situated at the bottom of the Homonym Mountain, that dominates it with its 1.415 meters high, Carpegna boasts a long history. Center of a Benedictine abbey in medieval age, and since 1566 of a mighty castle belonging to the family de’ Medici, it mainly owes its prestige to the homonym Counts of Carpegna, family from which they derived other famous surnames as Malatestas and Montefeltros. To consecrate its importance, the suburb got still now the Plaza of the Counts, on which dominates intact the Carpegna Palace, in which the library and ancient documents of the family are still guarded. In its stables, takes place every year in August Artistic craftsmanship of Montefeltro Exhibition.

About nature and environment, besides the Park of Stones Simone and Simoncello, the territory of Carpegna got a big wood of cerri, a lot of water-sources and the Stream Mutino, particularly rich of trouts and destination of ecological walks.

To make Carpegna and its mountains particularly famous it also contributes then the good ham, honoured of the “Denomination of Protected Origin”. The first testimonies about the production of Carpegna hams go up to the period in which it was a “vicus” of the Roman Pitinum Pisaurense. Culture and history of Carpegna are also exalted in the taste of his typical product, absolutely to taste!