Venanzio Iannacci

Venanzio Iannacci

His specialty: Road cycling, Cycling, Triathlon

Experiences / Races: I have taken part in Granfondo races over a number of years. I have done pretty much all the national races.

Km traveled each year: 25.000 km

Languages ​​spoken: German, French, English

  • What qualities should a good guide have?
    In particular, to know what the clients need and their level of fitness and training. To take them on a tour of our region without wearing them out completely.

    What do you think of Riccione Bike Hotels?
    I would say it is a positive group. I think it could select and train the guides.

    What do Riccione cyclists love?
    The routes that combine simple and more challenging roads, views and good food.

    What is your style as a cycling guide? Do you enjoy “setting the pace” or do you adjust the pace to suit the skill level of the other tourists who are enjoying the Romagna region and its landscape?
    I always take care to adapt to the group. If I can, I take the lead, otherwise I follow. I try to keep the group nicely together so that they can have fun.

    Would you like to tell us of a day out / a track (in Romagna) which you particularly enjoyed (which are different from the ones we already offer)?
    I often like doing the Nerone in Le Marche, which is very hilly.

    In your opinion, who are the most prepared cyclists? And the nicest?
    The fittest are without doubt the Belgians. The friendliest and most down to earth are the Germans who enjoy taking part and never say no.

    Is there an anecdote or a story of an excursion with guests you would like to share?
    I will never forget the time when I took a group of English people to the Cippo. There was always someone missing and I ended up doing the entire route three times to find everyone.



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