Guido Vannucci

Guido Vannucci

His specialty: Cycling, Triathlon, Mountain Bike

Experiences / Races: When I first started out I took part in 7 or 8 professional mountain biking events. Since then I have done only recreational events.

Km traveled each year: 13.000 km

Languages ​​spoken: German, French, English

  • What qualities should a good guide have?
    Knowing how to best manage a group and understand everyone’s needs. Kindness and courtesy are essential, as is the need to know the best roads and the lay of the land.

    What do you think of Riccione Bike Hotels?
    I believe it to be a most efficient consortium.

    What do Riccione cyclists love?
    Above all, the roads right out in the countryside. Sadly many are in poor repair.

    What is your style as a cycling guide? Do you enjoy “setting the pace” or do you adjust the pace to suit the skill level of the other tourists who are enjoying the Romagna region and its landscape?
    I try to adapt to the needs of the group. I will stop when necessary and ask if anyone has a question or requires help.

    Would you like to tell us of a day out / a track (in Romagna) which you particularly enjoyed (which are different from the ones we already offer)?
    I particularly love the road that leads up to Monte Altavelio, in the province of Pesaro. The views are truly spectacular.

    In your opinion, who are the most prepared cyclists? And the nicest?
    The fittest and best trained are generally the younger cyclists, aged between 30 and 40, while those who prefer to take their time and enjoy the countryside are the elder ones.

    Is there an anecdote or a story of an excursion with guests you would like to share?
    There was a group of friendly English people. We had lunch at a holiday farm and then took a steep road that crossed a busier one further down. We all stopped at the cross-roads except for one who failed to brake, sped across the busy road and ended up in a ditch.



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