Felice Peiti

Felice Peiti

His specialty: Road cycling, Cycling, Triathlon

Experiences / Races: I took part in almost all national and international cross-country races! Nine summits, the Fausto Coppi race, Dolomites, the Felice Gimondi race, Via del Sale, etc.

Km traveled each year: 30.000 km

Languages ​​spoken: Italian, English, Spanish

  • What qualities should a good guide have?
    A guide must be able to choose suitable routes by assessing the cyclists on a weekly basis; he must be able to solve mechanical issues and he must possess a good baggage of experience in order to answer any questions addressing the bicycle and specific preparation.

    What do you think of Riccione Bike Hotels?
    I think it is a wonderful organisation, offering the possibility of organised cycling holidays.

    What do Riccione cyclists love?
    In general, they love to pedal as soon as their working commitments allow it, to free their mind and feel well with themselves and with others.

    What is your style as a cycling guide? Do you enjoy “setting the pace” or do you adjust the pace to suit the skill level of the other tourists who are enjoying the Romagna region and its landscape?
    I usually set the pace, but I also adjust it to the guests’ skills, even if sometimes I deal with climbs at a higher pace in order for the more competitive cyclists to enjoy themselves.

    Would you like to tell us of a day out / a track (in Romagna) which you particularly enjoyed (which are different from the ones we already offer)?
    An excursion I offer outbound from Riccione!! San Clemente, Croce, Monte Scudo, Gesso, Montelicciano, Montegrimano Terme, Valle di Teva, Bronzo, Valle Avellana, Tavoleto, Mondaino, Saludecio, Montelupo, Cattolica, Riccione. About 100 km, gradient 1900 m.

    In your opinion, who are the most prepared cyclists? And the nicest?
    The better prepared are usually the Swedish and Norwegian; as for happiness, we at Belvedere try to find it in everyone, putting them at ease.

    Is there an anecdote or a story of an excursion with guests you would like to share?
    Let’s say that the funniest thing is the word “Pelabrocco” (Wimp) which now almost all tourists now know by heart. Manners of speech from Bergamo introduced by myself into Romagna; and now if someone falls behind a group, the others tell me he’s a “Pelabrocco”!!



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