Pantanissima GF

pantanissima1Monday April 21st (Easter Monday) sees the return of the Pantanissima for its seventh edition. The competition is staged in Cesenatico, homeland of Pantani, and a centre of cycling enthusiasm.

This delightful GF event consists of two courses: a longer 160-km route and a shorter 110-km course.  The longer option is open to all amateur cyclists of 19 years upwards, while cycle tourists are only allowed to participate in the shorter course.  They are routes to raise high emotion, befitting the spirit of cycling. They take you through places of nostalgia in the history of Romagna, by the sea and through the mountains, as enjoyed by the mythical Pantani.

pantanissima2The hundreds of participants from all parts of Europe ride these famous routes covered by the Pirate: such as the steep ascent of Montevecchio, with its monument to Pantani, or the Carnaio Pass, with its tortuous bends often braved by the champion.
It’s a combination of excitement, emotion and memory; and youngsters can enjoy the feeling of being a bit like the mythical Pantani.

The start is as usual from the Agip Colony at 8.00. Participants should assemble an hour before. Registration stays open until the day of the event. The registration form can be downloaded from the website: Alternatively, you can register on the day of the event at the Pantani Space. Registration costs €30 up to April 16th.

The Pantanissima GF forms part of the Romagna Challenge competitions, a circuit designed to promote the Gran Fondo events of Romagna. There are seven Romagna Challenge cycling competitions, two of the most important being the Nalini “Citta di Riccione” and the Davide Cassani GF events.