Davide Cassani GF

The Davide Cassani GF is a true classic in the pantheon of amateur GF events, and celebrates its 21st birthday this year.

gf-cassani-1The competition takes place on Sunday March 15th, starting and finishing at Faenza. It was designed with a specific purpose: to promote and develop an enthusiasm for cycling among young people, and especially children who fall into the “very young” category. Over the years, many keen cycle-lovers have chosen to take part in the event. Indeed, there are now hundreds of participants, who come from all parts of Europe.

There are two courses, both leaving at 10.00 and arriving back at Faenza: the 117-km Gran Fondo route, with a 2,350-metre change in level, and an 89-km Medio Fondo course, with a 1,650-metre level change.
Here is the route: You start from Piazza del Popolo in Faenza and set off towards Modigliana. This is a beautiful road, quite wide and presenting no special problems.

gf-cassani-22 km outside Modigliana, the Gran Fondo and Medio Fondo routes divide: the Gran Fondo turns off to the left towards Monte Chioda; the Medio Fondo proceeds towards Modigliano, taking the western bypass round the town and continuing on to Tredozio.
To register for the event, you will need to go to the competition website, download and complete the registration form and then fax it to the official organizers. You have until February 27th.

To celebrate the 21st birthday of the Davide Cassani Gran Fondo, this year the race finish will take place in the splendid Piazza del Popolo, right in the centre of Faenza. This decision was widely applauded both by the fans and by the athletes taking part.

The Davide Cassani GF forms part of the Romagna Challenge competitions, a circuit designed to promote the Gran Fondo events of Romagna. There are seven Romagna Challenge cycling competitions, two of the most important being the Nalini “Citta di Riccione” and the Pantanissima GF events.

Download the Roadmap (long march)
Download the Roadmap (running average)