Sogliano al Rubicone

In the middle of the Apennine of Cesena, the town of Sogliano on Rubicone represents the best choice to spend a day in calm and in the middle of the nature. Here the territory got still intact all of its charm. The rhythm is that calm of the life of hill, where the green of trees and lawns still dominates on the whole landscape. Delimited among the rivers Savio and Rubicone, Sogliano offer beautiful panoramic views that space up to the Adriatic Sea.

In 1906 the Commune conferred the honorary citizen to the poet Giovanni Pascoli, to which are devoted a special “run” and a park where some poetries are reproduced.

About gastronomy and typical products, instead, the first thing you think hearing the name of Sogliano is with no doubt the pit-cheese of formaggio di fossa. Became from many years the gastronomic specialty of the town, it represents an inimitable product, that go up to the XV Century. Its origin in fact was those when the ancient farmers of Sogliano deposed the cheese in the pits of tufo of the Valleys of Rubicone and Marecchia to defend it from the Aragonese that in 1600 threatened the countries.

Since 2003, Sogliano is also characterised by the Fountain of Butterflies, conceived by the poet-writer Tonino Guerra.