Santarcangelo di Romagna

Its streets and buildings are soaked of culture and history. Santarcangelo of Romagna represents a place of absolute interest for all the tourists in transit on our territory. Only 27 kilometres away from Riccione, “jewel” of the hinterland to the border between the provinces of Rimini and Forlì-Cesena to which belongs, it guards in fact some among the most beautiful foreshortenings of Romagna that was crib of the Dominion of the Malatestas what really here – for long centuries between Middle Ages and Renaissance – it had one of the centers of their own dominion.

Today its historical center is excellently still preserved and offers to tourist a lot of testimonies of the history that have crossed him. Intact good part of its medieval suburb, with the surrounded building fifteenth-century and an intense network of alleys dominated by the thick Fortress Malatestiana, visitable and considered by many historians the possible theatre – till now “contended” from the near fortitude of Gradara – of the loving tragedy of Paul and Francesca.

The Renaissance soul of Santarcangelo of Romagna is expressed instead in the triumphal arc of Ganganelli Square erected in 1777 in honour of Pope Clement XIV and in the splendid nineteenth-century Tower of the clock. Of suggestive beauty they are also the over one hundred caves tufacee on the sides of Mountain Giove, hill overhung from the suburb of Santarcangelo. Rich also of culture, Santarcangelo of Romagna is the country native of Tonino Guerra famous poet writer and scriptwriter, it is center of an important archaeological museum and it welcome every year the International Festival of Arts which edition 2008 will take place from 10th to 20th July.

Excellent to taste the local specialties, it also proposes a lot of restaurants and inns like the historical “Sangiovesa”, called so in honour of the red wine “king” of Romagna. Santarcangelo is worth well a stop!!!