San Leo and Perticara

If you ride your bicycle through Romagna or you are in holiday on the Adriatic Coast, you can’t miss the opportunity to visit the beautiful medieval suburb of San Leo. Perhaps less known and famous than its “opposite” San Marino, San Leo isn’t in fact less fascinating respect to the “ancient republic of freedom”, and it deserves more than a tour.

A trip to San Leo will give you a pleasant day rich of history, culture, mystery and beautiful landscapes, with a vast panorama on Rimini hinterland and Montefeltro. The entry in the suburb of San Leo, rather suggestive, it gives to his visitor particular emotions, introducing itself after a long slope “dug” in the rock with a narrow access that recalls all of its medieval past.

As San Marino stays at the top of Titano Mountain, so San Leo is castled on a rocky spur on whose peak his Castle to precipice it dominates on the Valley of the Marecchia, at 583 meters high and only 36 km far from Riccione. With the whole medieval Bourg still intact, San Leo got his particular attraction in his castle. Entirely visitable and edged by attractive inns and restaurants, the Castle welcomes in fact an interesting armoury and the famous jails of the fortitude in which was confined for four years, up to his death in 1795, the alchemist Sicilian Joseph Balsamo, known as Count of Cagliostro.

In the beautiful landscape of Montefeltro and Valmarecchia there is also the near suburb of Perticara, castled on the Aquilone Mountain, from whose top the horizon spaces up to the sea. Here history, culture, nature and gastronomy attract the visitor during all the year. Anciently consecrate to the God Apollo, Mount Aquilone was center of a prehistoric installation of Neolithic discovered in 1960 during works of reforestation. Perticara attracts every year people who like good food for the “Polenta Party”.