Rimini is worldwide known as one of the funniest and better organized seaside resorts. The beach of clear and fine sand and the shallow water have made its tourist success since the nineteenth century. The welcome and the sympathy of its population strike and make a difference. City always on the move and abreast of the new trends, the upgrading of tourist facilities, undertaken in recent years, is rewarded by sold out. Not only beach and shopping in the stores of the promenade, Rimini is much more.

City of ancient Villanovan foundation, under the Celts it became one of the largest ports of the Adriatic. But it is with the Romans that the colony of Ariminum knew its splendor: the Bridge of Tiberius, the Arch of Augustus, the Amphitheatre and the recent discovery of the Surgeon Domus still speak to us of that magnificence. With the decline of the Roman Empire the city became depopulated but it lived in relative peace under the protection of the Byzantine Empire. Ghibelline commune first and then Guelf, it knew a new shine with the noble family of Malatesta. During the fifteenth century Sigismondo Pandolfo Malatesta thought for himself Castel Sismondo and commissioned to Leon Battista Alberti the Malatesta Temple. The Tempietto of Bramante in Piazza Tre Martiri reminds the miracle of mule by St. Anthony of Padua.

Recent, but significant, is the detachment from the Province of Forlì that happened in 1992 with the establishment of the Province of Rimini. From Rimini, Federico Fellini with his poetic touch leds us in a winter sleepy Rimini with I vitelloni and in his childhood at “the village”, that can not be Rimini more with the Gradisca, the Grand Hotel, the Fulgor cinema, Piazza Cavour, with Amarcord.

Great space in Rimini is reserved for the culture – there are a lot of museums – the fun – in theme parks for children, discos for kids and open-air dance-halls for lovers of ballroom – and for the kitchen – very good the piadina in a famous stall at Rimini sea and you can not miss the Rimini ice cream Romana now in franchising also in Beijing!