Montegrimano Terme

Edged by a natural landscape among the most beautiful of our territory, Montegrimano is among the destinations preferred by the cycle-tourists along the runs of the hills between Romagna and Marches. Quiet country of mountain, at an altitude of 600 meters, it offers pure air and beautiful panoramas, and it is an ideal trip destination for whoever is on our coast.

From Riccione, Montegrimano is only 30 kilometers far and it is comfortably attainable for all cyclists, included the one who are less trained. Situated along the high valley of the Conca river, Montegrimano offers also the possibility to join a relaxing break inside a big secular park. Here, in a direct contact with the nature, you can keep new energies also by its thermal waters, just known in Roman Age.

The actual Commune of Montegrimano Terme, in the province of Pesaro-Urbino, it’s in fact the evolution of the ancient “Castrum Montis Grimani”. Its sources of alkaline, salsobromoiodic and sulphured waters, are appreciated since a long time and today they are available in the Thermal Baths.

The actual architectural aspect of Montegrimano is characterized by the historical centre built around the ancient tower that was in the middle of the old defensives boundaries. Among all countries of Montefeltro’s hills, Montegrimano distinguishes itself first of all for the characteristic dome that covers just the tower. 18 meters high, the civic tower it is all what it stays of the ancient castle built by the Montefeltros in the XIV century. Inside of it, it is possible to climb to visit the three original ancient bells of the XVII-XVIII century, that still today play for particular events. Nature, wellness and beautiful landscapes make of Montegrimano the ideal destination for a bike tour. Easy runs on the hills will bring you in only 30 kilometers from your Riccione Bike Hotels to Montegrimano Terme.