Misano and Tavoleto

For the one that chooses Riccione for cycling holidays, the near town of Misano and Tavoleto represent a good occasion for interesting trips along the Adriatic coast and its hinterland, between Romagna and Marche. Different for territory and tourist attractions, Misano and Tavoleto are easily attainable by bike from Riccione, from which they are distant respectively 4 and 24 kilometers. Together, they can so be visited with an interesting cycling tour in only one day, biking between coast and hills.

Misano Adriatico, in province of Rimini, is a small town well known for its sandy beaches, but also for its long sport tradition. Since a lot destination for cyclists like the near Riccione, Misano Adriatico become in fact famous, especially in the last years, to be the place of car and motor circuit Santa Monica, that from two years it welcomes a stage of world Super Bike circuit and, since 2008, also the Moto GP. Particularly appreciated by cyclists for its panoramic road that offers beautiful views on the coast it is also the high part of the town, Misano Monte.

Only 20 kilometers far but already in the territory of the province of Pesaro, toward the inside hinterland, here is Tavoleto. Small town of medieval origin, it is today still overhung by the old castle, once summer residence of Petrangolini Counts. Characterized by a tall tower, it guards ancient furniture and weapons and it still preserves part of the original medieval Fortress built in 1462 by Giorgio Martini on order of Fred from Montefeltro. A big part of the actual castle belongs instead to the following construction happened in 1865.

Do you want to taste the pleasure of a trip to discover these places? Misano and Tavoleto will be a pleasant destination for your next bike tour. Book now your holiday in Riccione: you and your bike will be welcome in the Riccione Bike Hotels!