Fiorenzuola di Focara

Still little known but a real naturalistic and historical-cultural “jewel”, the little Bourg of Fiorenzuola of Focara represents one among the most suggestive and fascinating places of the whole territory of Marche region, a few kilometres far from Pesaro that’s its chief town and from Riccione. In the middle of the Natural Regional Park of Mount Saint Bartolo, it rises on a spur of rock to precipice on the Adriatic Sea.

Ancient Roman centre, crucial for its strategic position on the natural border between Marche and Romagna on the Siligata Pass, it is castled on the only natural promontory of the whole Adriatic coast between Trieste and Ancona. Together with Casteldimezzo, Gradara and Granarola, Fiorenzuola constituted with its ancient castrum an important defensive system both for the State of the Church and for families of Malatestas in Rimini and Pesaro. Originally named Fiorenzuola, this beautiful suburb assumed in 1889 the following specification of Focara. Such denomination seems it owed the origin to the ancient fires to signal its position to the sailors, or maybe to little “furnaces” to cooking tiles and terracottas.

Of the ancient history of Fiorenzuola of Focara they mainly stay today the rest of the old pentagonal boundaries and the medieval alleys, and the suggestive bell tower with clock of the ancient Church of Sant’Andrea built in the XII century. For who cannot stay without the sea also one only day, this beautiful suburb offers also a beautiful little beach with sand and pebbles, on which you can tan yourself away from indiscreet eyes and in total relax. Also quoted by Dante in the Divine Comedy, Fiorenzuola of Focara waits for you for a special experience, among echo of medieval history, nature and enchanting landscapes. An excellent opportunity to spend an unforgettable day.