At only 40 kilometres from Riccione, Fano is among the most famous places of the Adriatic coast, both for its beaches than for a lot of interesting cultural events. Situated on the mouth of the river Metauro on the Adriatic Coast, it presents a very good typical cooking, with some important influences from the Marche but however still tied up to the traditions of near Romagna.

Ideal destination for a trip, Fano got ancient Romans origins. Anciently call Fanum Fortunae, it boasts in fact a lot of important monuments, like the Augustee Walls, the arc of August, the archaeological area of Sant’Agostino and an interesting visitable archaeological section in the Civic Museum. Following the run of the street Flaminia, you can admire important archaeological sites and little countries castled on the hills of the valley of Metauro. They are instead of medieval epoch the Porta Maggiore, the Cathedral, Podestà’s Palace, the Fortress and the graves of Malatesta.

Fano is also particularly known for the important carnival, among the greatest of Italy, which involves the city for over one month of celebrations. It is a carnival of medieval origins, born in occasion of the reconciliation among the two most important city families of Del Cassero and Da Carignano. Since 1986, it takes place also another interesting event, named “Fano of Cesari”, that proposes the life of the city in Romans age.

Now an important fishing port of the Adriatic, Fano is also famous for its fish cooking and the famous brodetto, here in a particular version, or the spaghetti of the sailor. It could be an ideal occasion to have lunch between going and return of a beautiful bike tour along the Adriatic coast, from a Riccione Bike Hotel. If you don’t like fish, so enjoy a good slice of pecorino cheese in barrel, typical from Fano, old in oak barrels. And before going back don’t forget to taste the “moretta”, traditional coffee that you can find only here.