Bellaria Igea Marina

In the early twentieth-century the old fishing village of Bellaria Igea Marina became the seaside resort preferred by rich families of Emilia and Lombardia. The landscape then embellished with their delicious villas by the sea. So began the tourist lucky of this charming small town in the province of Rimini. But the vocation of the place was perhaps already implied in the etymology of Bellaria, beautiful and area…
The tranquillity, you still can enjoy in the city center and in the beautiful beach, and the warm welcome of its people carry every summer in Bellaria Igea Marina thousands of tourists from all over Europe. In the eighties the choice of pedestrianizing the main streets of the centre – L’isola dei Platani in Bellaria and Viale Ennio and adjacent areas in Igea Marina – has launched an important urban qualification process. Decorated with the Blue Flag, on the beach free spaces and organized alternate. For years Igea Marina has accepted the colonies of children coming from inland regions.

If a dip into the blue sea, the tourist prefers diving in the green of nature, The Gelso Park and the Pavese Park are at your feet. You can not miss The Gelso Park, with its lake, the rich vegetation and the garden of butterflies. Pavese Park, adjacent to the beach, is a must for its evening offer of events, meetings and concerts. A cycle-pedestrian route from the city centre runs along the river Urso down to San Mauro Pascoli. Definitely interesting the Museum of Shells and of Paper Money, within the Torre Saracena.

Many beautiful pages are dedicated to Bellaria and its inhabitants by the writer Alfredo Panzini that made of the “Casa Rossa” and of the quiet seaside resort his buen retiro. From Bellaria is Raffaella Pelloni, stage name Carrà, mythical soubrette. The Cinema-Theatre Astra is open throughout the summer with the film programming. The Municipal Library “A. Panzini” hosts every year in June, the Bellaria Film Festival (formerly Anteprima), important rendezvous for the independent Italian cinema.